Prime Minister writes personal letter of thanks to Cumbrian girl

A girl from Cumbria has received a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister after wishing him well when he was in hospital with coronavirus.

With the help of her two sisters, Phoebe Bull, 5, sent a homemade 'Get Well Soon' card to Boris Johnson.

On the front cover was a drawing of the Prime Minister sporting a multi-coloured shirt.

The message inside of the card read: "Dear Boris. I miss you. You are the best. Love phoebe."

Credit: ITV News

After weeks of waiting, she was delighted to discover that the Prime Minister had written a personal letter of thanks back.

It said: "Thank you so much for the wonderful message and good wishes you sent me when I was unwell.

"The letters and cards I received really cheered me up. As you may have heard, I'm back in 10 Downing Street now and feeling much better.

"Thank you also to you and your family for all you are doing to keep yourselves and others safe. "

The Prime Minister wrote Phoebe back. Credit: ITV News

Phoebe's dad said he was surprised when the letter from Downing Street arrived: "We weren't really expecting a reply, but Phoebe was very keen.

"She would go every day to the postbox and check if anything had been delivered and sure enough, about six weeks later, a reply arrived and she was very excited."

When asked why she is a big fan of Mr Johnson, she said: "Because he looks after the country."

Many of us will have a lockdown memento, few though have something as unique as Phoebe.