Ewe defies million-to-one odds by giving birth to five lambs

A ewe in Cumbria has defied million-to-one-odds by giving birth to five healthy lambs.

Marge the sheep's scans originally predicted four lambs.

Instead, Bart, Milhouse, Lisa, Maggie and Edna were all born.

The lambs, who are named after characters from the The Simpsons, had to be hand-reared by the Mounsey-Heysham family at Castletown Estate, at Rockcliffe.

Joe Gascoigne, from the estate, said: "We've been bottling three of them since a young age since they only have two teats so they can only naturally look after two. She is a good mother and looking after all five."

Credit: Castletown Estate

The four-year-old new mum is getting an extra feed per day, while the five lambs were bottle-fed three times per day.

Now that they're big enough, they can explore the garden at the estate and graze for themselves.

Credit: Castletown Estate