It's been ten years since 12 people were killed in West Cumbria as a gunman carried out one of Britain's biggest mass-shootings.

As well as those he shot dead, taxi driver Derrick Bird injured 11 others.

It's an event that has left a lasting mark on the victims, their families and friends - as well as those who witnessed the horrific attacks.

  • Timeline of events

On 2 June 2010, Bird set off to kill those he thought had wronged him, he would go on to take many more lives at random.

Armed with two licensed guns, Bird left his home at Rowrah in the early hours of the morning and drove to nearby Lamplugh where he shot dead his twin brother David.

At around 5:15am he travelled to the village of Frizington where the next to die was the family solicitor Kevin Commons. Bird wrongly suspected the two had been plotting to send him to prison for tax evasion.

Tribute to all of the victims of the west Cumbria shootings. Credit: PA

At 10:25am he arrived in Whitehaven. At the taxi rank where he worked he shot dead fellow driver Darren Rewcastle. The two had previously fallen out.

From there he drove to Egremont, now shooting at people randomly before killing Susan Hughes at 10:53 as she was walking home from a shopping trip.

A minute later retired soldier Kenneth Fishburn was shot dead as he walked across a bridge in the town.

At five past 11, on a country lane at Carleton Wood he shot mole-catcher Isaac Dixon on the roadside.

Five minutes later in the tiny village of Wilton he killed first Jennifer Jackson as she was out walking and then her husband James who was talking to a neighbour.

At a farm gate near Gosforth 10 minutes later he shot Garry Purdham, a semi-professional rugby league player.

Derrick Bird took his own life in an area of woodland, near Boot.

Next he headed to Seascale on the west Cumbrian coast firing on estate agent Jamie Clark in his car as he passed him. (11:25)

At 11:30, in the village itself he shot and killed first Michael Pike, as he was cycling, and then Jane Robinson, as she delivered catalogues. He called her over to his car before firing.

Bird headed east into the Lake District still shooting as he went.

But at the village of Boot his killings finally came to an end. At around quarter past 12, having abandoned his damaged car he took his own life in an area of woodland.

Eleven others had been shot that day but survived, some ending up with life-changing injuries.

In the days and weeks that followed memorial services were held in all the affected communities as people came together to remember the 12 who lost their lives on that terrible day in west Cumbria.