Positive differences could come from lockdown, says young environmentalist

Climate change may have stopped being headline news during coronavirus but the issue itself hasn't gone anywhere.

Amy Bray, who lives in the Lake District, is one of the UK's leading young environmentalists.

She was supposed to be sitting her A-levels this week and while her exams are cancelled, her mind is still on her future, and that of others.

Credit: Family photo

From her home in Matterdale, she's been hosting online talks and stayed in touch with fellow environmentalists all over the globe.

She says things we've done in lockdown could make a positive difference in the future: "I think the lockdown has definitely shown we can work from home we don't have to commute and we don't have to fly long distances for meetings and it's cheaper for business too.

"I hope that it's a long term measure than can become permanent after lockdown has ended."

Amy opened two plastic free shops called Another Weigh.

Amy, 17, is already well regarded for her work, particularly on fighting plastic in our oceans. She's founded a charity called 'Another Way', opened two plastic free shops and been named Cumbria's Woman of the Year.

She said: "It won't have slipped peoples minds we have been travelling less and air pollution is especially decreasing which has helped peoples health.

"I think that's what people will want after we emerge from this crisis and tackle the climate crisis."

Another positive she says is people enjoying the outside space closer to home but she's reiterating calls for people to respect their environment and take their rubbish home - following images last this from the weekend.

"I think there's a perception that being more environmentally friendly is more expensive and that's not true", she said.

"Reducing our consumerism is good for the planet...save money as well as saving the planet too."

With her predicted grades she's hoping to study marine biology at university in September.

Amy Bray is on a mission to save the world but she needs your help