Visitors asked to take rubbish home after litter left in beauty spots

Police in Cumbria are reminding all visitors to the area this weekend to dispose of their rubbish appropriately.

It come after beauty spots across the Lake District were left covered in litter last Saturday and Sunday, as crowds gathered to enjoy the hot weather.

Hundreds of bags of rubbish were collected by volunteers in areas such as Haweswater, where groups of campers had intentionally damaged dry-stone walls and left remnants of BBQs as well as their used litter.

A picture shared on social media also showed a field mouse trapped in a discarded beer bottle in Eskdale.

The force has reiterated their message: "If you are planning to visit the area this weekend, please be respectful, and act responsibly.

Please do not leave rubbish and litter behind. Dispose of it appropriately, or take it home with you."

The RSPCA is also urging people who are going out more since lockdown restrictions were eased to ensure they are taking their litter home with them or disposing of it properly and responsibly.

Over the last five years, the animal welfare charity has received more than 250 calls about animals affected by litter in Cumbria alone.

Frontline officers are helping cats, birds and wildlife that's gotten tangled in netting, injured in fishing litter or stuck in rubbish.

Head of the RSPCA’s wildlife team Adam Grogan said: “Litter is one of the biggest hazards our wildlife faces today - and it’s something that’s very easy to resolve. That’s why we’re calling on the public to take extra care to clear up after they’ve been out for a walk or enjoyed a picnic in the woods.

“Now that the Government has eased some of the lockdown restrictions, we’re sure lots of families will be out and about in nature. But it’s our job to protect nature and that includes properly and responsibly disposing of our litter so that animals can’t be hurt.”

Assistant Chief Constable Andrew Slattery appealed to visitors to behave responsibly and respect the local environment and its inhabitants: “Social distancing must be observed at all times, vehicles must be parked legally and considerately and visitors must take their rubbish away to be disposed of safely and responsibly.

"Roads blocked by parked cars and piles of discarded bottles and barbecues on the lakeshores are not acceptable.

"Now, more than ever, it is vital that visitors care for the area and leave nothing but footprints."