Two baby alpacas born at Borders farm - and there's three more on the way

A farm in the Scottish Borders has welcomed its first baby alpacas of the year.

Proud mums Nunavut, seven, and Iqaluit, five, have been nursing their babies after they were born at Velvet Hall Farm, in Innerleithen.

The two new members of the herd are only one-week-old, but they won't be the youngest for long with another three cria - baby alpacas - due anytime now.

Enthusiasts Stuart Ramsay, 56, and wife Jean, 65, started out in 2013 with four males – but they brought in some females and started breeding.

Stuart said: "It's the best time of year, but it can be a stressful time of year if there are any issues.

"It's not the birthing side of it, it's the next three days making sure they are up on their feet, feeding well and putting weight on. Then we can relax."

They have yet to name the boy baby. Credit: ITV News

The youngsters have been born at a strange time for the farm, who would normally be doing walks, taking the alpacas into schools and care homes and even playing a special part in weddings.

Stuart said: "Our alpaca walks go out twice a day every day so we've lost thousands of pounds in income it has hit us hard in the pocket. Good thing is we can get on with other things.

"We will probably start with families and keep it in family groups so social distancing is between us and the families and we shall see what advice we get from the government.

They hope that by the time these little ones are fully grown life might be back to normal and they will be able to out, earn their keep and meet new people.