'My heart is blue': NHS worker dedicates song to colleagues lost to Covid-19

  • 'My Heart is Blue' by David Webster and Lucy Satterthwaite.

An NHS worker from South Cumbria has written a song dedicated to the colleagues he's lost to Covid-19.

David Webster is a resuscitation trainer in Furness General Hospital, in Barrow.

He has seen first-hand the devastation coronavirus has caused over the last few months and wanted to pay tribute to all of the NHS workers who have lost their lives.

He recorded the song 'My Heart is Blue' with one of his daughter's friends, Lucy Satterthwaite.

Credit: PA

David said: "I wrote it towards the end of March as a way of expressing the way I was feeling and the way a lot of my colleagues were feeling."

"We started to see people come in with Covid-19 and then our staff started to go off sick with it and then you started to hear the reports of health service staff and NHS colleagues and care workers that were now dying."

"It just seemed so sad that we were caring for everybody and putting ourselves at risk and our colleagues were getting really ill and dying.

"No matter what we do, we can't save everybody and you feel even more sense of responsibility towards your work colleagues and wanting to make sure that they're alright, and you get them through, and that's not always possible.

"I don't really feel like we're moving on, I feel like we're sort of stuck having to deal with this reality. And the reality is now starting to come home, that we're trying to get the services back up and running and back to normal and the reality is some of our colleagues are not there."

"So, it's written as a sort of musical hug to say: it's been hard but we'll get through this."