Comet Neowise: A treat for stargazers

There was a treat for stargazers during July - a comet that was visible with the naked eye.

Comet Neowise (officially called C/2020 F3) is many millions of miles away from us, but was bright enough to be spotted in he night sky.

And many of you were out with your cameras.

Grange over sands Credit: Andrew Cragg

The comet is simply a giant lump of rock and ice - about 400 times further away from us than the moon.

It was one of the few comets this century that could be seen with the naked eye,and won't make a return trip for nearly seven thousand years.

Sycamore Gap Credit: Steven Lomas

The closest shot was taken by Dan Monk - who works at Kielder Observatory. In his image you can clearly see the tail of ice and dust particles.

Comet Neowise Credit: Dan Monk