Daffodil memorial walk will remember those lost to Covid-19

Credit: PA

A nurse from Cumbria is fundraising to plant thousands of flowers in memory of those who lost their lives to coronavirus.

Belinda Fox is part of the Covid rapid response team at Carlisle's Cumberland infirmary and has joined forces with a local councillor to create the Eden Valley Daffodil Walk.

Belinda was inspired to create a lasting tribute after losing her brother, to non-covid related illness. She said: "There were six of us at his funeral.

"You weren't allowed to give our relatives a hug or hold their hand and that was being replicated around the UK. As a nurse you just want to do everything to help really."

"It's extremely important that we remember the lives lost, and people who have been significantly affected.

"It is unimaginable what people have had to go through - I hope it will be a place of comfort, a place where they can come and remember loved ones, remember this horrific time and being outdoors has huge emotional and physical benefits."

The Eden Valley Daffodil walk will cover a six-mile route between Armathwaite and Low Hesket, which Belinda chose due to its accessibility.

She said: "We wanted to show off the Eden Valley but also we wanted a walk that was easily accessible for people, whether they want to walk, they come by wheelchair, by bus or cycle and make it accessible for everybody."

Councillor David Ryland was keen to get involved after being personally affected by COVID-19: "The idea caught my imagination because I lost my cousin in March, and we couldn't really say goodbye properly

"We think the daffodils will bloom next year around the time we went into lockdown and the idea is to enhance our lovely space,

"It is vitally important that we don't forget, but I think we really do need to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

They need to raise £6,000 to buy the bulbs, but for Belinda it's a price worth paying to grow new life in memory of those who lost theirs. 

  • To find out more visit their fundraising page or search Eden Valley Daffodil Walk on Facebook.