What is phase three of Scotland's route map for leaving lockdown?

Scotland will move to phase three of its plan to ease out of lockdown, with people from up to three different households able to meet indoors from Friday.

Outdoor meetings of up to five households, comprising no more than 15 people, will also be permitted, the First Minister revealed.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the news to MSPs in Holyrood on Thursday following the weekly review of lockdown measures.

She confirmed two-metre social distancing, while remaining in place at large, will be relaxed in key sectors.

What happens in phase three?

  • Tourism businesses such as hotels will be able to open on July 15.

  • Museums, galleries, libraries and cinemas, provided that tickets are bought in advance, will also be able to accommodate people again.

  • Hairdressers and barbers will be able to open on the expected date, with guidance for the sector due to be published this week.

  • Indoor hospitality businesses have also been given the go-ahead to open on July

    15, as well as indoor shopping centres.

  • Health services including optometry and dentistry practices will also be able

    to open again, with dental procedures which do not create a "fine mist" such

    as the operation of a drill able to go ahead.

  • From July 22, personal retail like outlets like beauticians and nail salons can resume work.

    The stages of lockdown easing in Scotland. Credit: Scottish Government

In confirming the move to phase three, the First Minister said that exceptions would be made to the two-metre social distancing rule in some sectors.

Public transport and retail will see the rule relaxed from Friday, the First Minister said.

However, mitigations will have to be in place in these sectors, she added, as well as ensuring that discussions have taken place with trade unions before the rule is eased.

Ms Sturgeon also reminded the Scottish public that face coverings become mandatory from Friday, asking everyone to comply with the new rule.

Sturgeon takes a tour of a Covid-secure shop in Edinburgh. Credit: PA

The First Minister told MSPs that, while the virus is being suppressed in Scotland, it has not yet gone away.

She said: "Lockdown has suppressed it, but as lockdown eases there is a very real risk that it will start to spread again.

"And that is not conjecture - it is already happening in many parts of the world.

"And with every restriction we lift, the risk increases - especially as we start to permit more indoor activity.

"So all of us must do everything we can to mitigate it."

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