RAF crew rescue cow stranded in Cumbrian gorge for five days

An unusual RAF rescue operation has been underway to airlift a cow which was trapped near a waterfall in Cumbria.

Crews from RAF Spadeadam and RAF Benson retrieved the animal that has been stuck on the muddy banks below Crammel Linn, near Brampton, since 6 July.

A helicopter from the local base lifted the cow to safety using a sling and harness.

Earlier on today, a local vet examined the 16-year-old animal. The cow had a slight injury to one of its legs, which Brampton vet, Kevin Beattie, treated at the scene. She is now recovering.

Hundreds of people have flocked to the beauty spot over the last few weeks since the easing of lockdown.

The local farmer, Hunter Smith, believes visitors may have caused the cow to get stuck

He said: "There's three gates along the fence and the middle gate was left open. Someone has deliberately left the gate open.

"We've had a lot of problems here over the last few weeks with people visiting the waterfall and it's caused a lot of problems.

"People have to realise that must go with the countryside law - keeping gates shut and keeping dogs in leads.

"It's been a nightmare."