Carlisle Covid cases 'still a concern' as 21 more people test positive

Credit: PA

The number of coronavirus cases in Carlisle is 'still a concern', according to Cumbria’s Health Protection Board.

The county's Director of Public Health, Colin Cox, has issued a warning to residents that there was another rise in Covid-19 cases last week.

A further 21 cases recorded in the week ending 10 July, in addition to the 19 new cases in the week prior.

Cox says next week's data will be 'critical' in informing the decision about whether there needs to be a 'change in advice' for people living in the Carlisle area.

Cumbria's Public Health Director, Colin Cox. Credit: ITV News

The board - which is a collaboration between the local authorities, the NHS, police and public health officials - issued the first of its weekly updates on the situation across Cumbria. Cox said: “It’s important that the public have access to clear information about what is going on and can act accordingly.

"Apart from Carlisle, Cumbria is seeing very low numbers of new infections and this is good news. But Carlisle continues to be of concern, with significantly higher numbers of new infections than other districts.  

“Along with partners we have been working hard to trace contacts of new cases and to understand the pattern of infection and we are in a better position.

"The infection data for next week will be critical in informing decisions about whether we need to change the advice to people in the Carlisle area.

"We are hopeful that the steps we have taken will see the number of infections fall. For the time being we are still urging people to follow the existing advice carefully and remember that this is a highly infectious disease that can spread rapidly.”

Credit: PA

The key public health messages are:

  • Wash or sanitise hands regularly

  • Observe social distancing rules

  • Wear face masks or coverings in enclosed public spaces

  • If you have symptoms, self-isolate and get tested

  • Follow advice to self-isolate if asked

Colin Cox continued: “I’d like everyone to remember that it’s not just about whether they get infected, it’s also about whether they could be spreading infection without knowing it to friends and family who might be more vulnerable.

"Following the public health guidance is the best way to stop this happening and I hope people will think about that carefully when they are out socialising.”

The weekly COVID-19 status report is published here.