One of 'busiest Julys on record' for Cumbrian Zoo after Covid-19 closure

  • Video report by Fiona Marley Paterson

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis near Milnthorpe has reopened after closing its doors in March.

The zoo like many tourist attractions needs to take more money in the summer to see them through as it only breaks even during the winter, but the centre received thousands of pounds' worth of donations during lockdown.

Jack Williams, the manager of the zoo said: "Running the site even when we're closed is about £12,000 per month so we knew that we needed to try and bring in £12,000 a month just to cover the basic things like heating, lighting and of course animal feed."

According to its owners the future is looking positive, as they're having one of the busiest Julys on record. They've had double the number of visitors that they would normally get and put it down to the schools being closed.

The zoo is largely outdoors so it can have up to 100 socially distanced visitors. If these numbers continue, the centre will be able to continue its conservation work.

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