£2.2m funding boost from Sellafield to target social inequalities in west Cumbria

Sellafield has pledged £2.2m to community groups in west Cumbria over three years. Credit: ITV Border

Sellafield nuclear plant and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority are donating £2.2m, to tackle poverty in Allerdale and Copeland.

The aim is to help the most vulnerable and bridge the gap between those in well paid jobs and those who are struggling financially.

The scheme is being called 'Transforming West Cumbria'. Sellafield says it plans to support a number of initiatives over the next three years.

The scheme will take on west Cumbria’s most entrenched social and economic problems. It is being delivered by the Cumbria Community Foundation over three years.It aims to put local people in charge of their own futures by empowering neighbourhoods to create change.

The programme will focus on family wellbeing, financial education, community activism, and inspiring young people.

There will also be funding to encourage young entrepreneurs and to make community activism the norm for young people.

'Transforming West Cumbria' will initially run for three years and aims to confront the issues holding back the most vulnerable.

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