Cat caught in illegal snare in the Scottish Borders

Credit: Scottish Borders Police

A police investigation is underway after a cat was caught in an illegal snare in the Scottish Borders.

The animal returned to its home in Selkirk on 29 July with the device wrapped tightly around its stomach.

Wildlife Officer PC Steven Irvine said “The snare in the photograph is the actual snare that the cat was caught in.

"A number of years ago, people would have used these to catch rabbits, however, these types of snares have been illegal for a number of years”.

“Thankfully for the owners, the cat was lucky enough to break free, allowing it to return home. However, this could easily have resulted in the cat sustaining severe injury or even losing its life”.

Police Scotland ask anyone with information on the illegal snaring to report it by contacting 101 or alternatively, contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.