The photographer documenting life with a muscle wasting disease

Credit: Jordan Mossom

A Cumbrian photographer, who has a rare muscle wasting condition, has used his camera skills to document what he says is the reality of living with a disability.

Jordan Mossom, who comes from Maryport, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  He says he hopes his series of photographs will help raise awareness of the condition for a wider audience

The images were captured in the first months of the coronavirus lockdown, between March and May, when Jordan was shielding.

Credit: Jordan Mossom

Displayed in the final exhibition of his undergraduate photography course, Jordan said said: ''Part of my degree work, at the University of Cumbria, was a project about my day to day life living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

"I titled it 'Daytime Disability' - basically documenting the day to day things that I do with the support staff that come in and work with me during the week."

The images were taken using a camera on a tripod which could be controlled remotely. Jordan says he hopes the pictures will inspire confidence in others who are living with the condition. 

He said: "They give an insight to people that have the condition who may not be at the stage that I'm at , to give them a sense of this is what it'll look like. But don't be scared about it, having to use all the medical equipment like the hoist and the ventilator.''  

The photos also capture his relationship with his carers. Credit: Jordan Mossom

The photographs give an intimate look into his daily life, showing him using medical equipment such as a ventilator and hoist. They also show his provide close relationship with support workers Lauren and Heather, who are full of praise for his work.

Lauren Richardson said:''To see him meet new people, be around different people, complete a degree, yeah really impressed we think it's brilliant.''

Credit: Jordan Mossom

Heather McMillan, who also supports Jordan, said: ''What he's achieved is brilliant. Going to university for anybody will be a nerve-racking experience, but to do it with the condition that Jordan's got as well - it's amazing.

"The confidence that he's shown throughout, he really deserves to have the degree.''

Having now gained his university qualification,  Jordan's hoping to pursue a career in photography and says he plans to see what opportunities there are when pandemic restrictions are lifted.