Neigh-cation: The hotel room that comes with its own horse

  • Video report by Fiona Marley Patterson

Looking for a staycation and love horses? Well, this may be the one for you.

A farm in south Cumbria has found an unusual way to diversify their business, by letting guests bunk down with horses in their new self-catering accommodation.

At the Fresian Experience, at Carmel, visitors pay to share a converted stable for the night with either Hannes the horse or JB the Shetland pony. Yes, that's right an actual horse sleeping next to your bunk bed, costing upwards of £250 a night.

The stable has a double and single bunk bed, microwave, mini-fridge and an en-suite wet room with a toilet and shower. Meanwhile, your steed sleeps in a spacious stable section.

Tracey Alexander of Black Horses Ltd said: "Because the Fresians are such friendly, people-orientated horses we thought this has to be something that we can have a go at, and from what we saw we couldn't find anybody else in the world who had done something similar to this and this stable is perfect for it."

Guests can chose to bunk with JB the Shetland Pony or Hannes the Fresian. Credit: ITV News

Both animals were both rescues and now living it up in the lap of luxury. Hannes stays in the stable, but you can stroke him from the top bunk, while JB can wander round your room getting up to mischief.

Tracey said: "It's quite surprised me because we've had a variety of different people coming along. Some people have never had anything to do with horses some people bring their children along and this is where JB is ideal for youngsters."

"We have a luxury grooming kit so if you want to come in and pamper Hannes - who absolutely adores it - or you can just sit in the living side and just enjoy listening to the sound of a horse munching - which so many people find really therapeutic. " 

This bridal suite is certainly one of a kind.