Save Stan: Carlisle toddler receives potentially life-saving cancer treatment in Singapore

A toddler, from Carlisle, who was diagnosed with cancer for the third time during lockdown, has started a potentially life-saving clinical trial in Singapore.

The parents of two-year-old Stanley Dalton were told in June that their son's cancer - T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - had returned and there was nothing that could be done.

The community rallied together to raise more than £500k to send him half way across the world for treatment.

After countless fundraisers and events, Stanley and his mum, Georgia Brecken, flew first class to Singapore - with flights donated by Singapore Airlines.

Stan travelled to Singapore in August for a potentially life-saving clinical trial. Credit: Georgia Brecken

When they arrived, the pair were quarantined, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Georgia sent an update to a public group on Facebook which described her her son's treatment and the difficult moments they've endured.

She said: "He’s put up with it really well and was tolerating chemo great, apart from a bit of a red bum."

Stan's condition went from bad to worse overnight and he was put on antibiotics by the medical team looking after him.

"ICU were put on standby and the doctor came to check on him a few times to monitor how he was," Georgia said. "I was told he was heading in to severe sepsis.

"He was so poorly and I was so worried, especially being here alone. I was shaking. Two bugs grew from the cultures they took - E.Coli and pseudomonas.

"His bum then developed blisters on and we noticed ulcers in his mouth meaning he had mucositis, which is pretty common while on chemo.

"He is definitely brighter than what he was at the weekend. We didn’t need to go to intensive care as his oxygen and blood pressure seemed to stay reasonably stable."

Georgia goes on to say that Stanley is back on his treatment and his levels are coming down: "Just need to get over this and get his leukaemia low to do another cell harvest. Everyone is lovely here and he is being well looked after."

"Thank you to everyone for everything and I will try not to leave it as long next time."

The Save Our Stan Campaign gathered international attention, with people from around the world donating to send the toddler to Singapore.

In July, the appeal has attracted a lot of celebrities to get involved - the latest being the Spanish midfielder Juan Mata, and former England manager Harry Redknapp, who sent the family a recorded message.