Motion to unseat Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard withdrawn

Credit: PA Images

A motion to unseat the Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has failed after it was withdrawn at a meeting of the party's governing body.

Leonard has called on for an "end to the internal plotting" in the party.

Cllr Sott Arthur, a member of the party's Scottish Executive Committee, tweeted that Leonard would take Scottish Labour into the 2021 election.

The committee, which is made up of members of the party's grassroots, trade unionists and elected officials, was expected to vote on the motion on Saturday morning.

The motion came after several Scottish Labour MSPs, including Daniel Johnson and James Kelly, called on Leonard to quit.

The Scottish Labour leader has previously said his critics had "no ideas, no plan to protect jobs and living standards against the backdrop of the Covid crisis."

Leonard said it was time for "Scottish Labour to stand together with the Scottish people at a time when risks caused by the pandemic are rising again and when the economy is on the edge of a deep recession with jobs and livelihoods in peril."