Baby and four adults rescued off the coast of Maryport

Five people, including a child, have been rescued after their yacht started taking on water in the sea north of Maryport.

The Coastguard says rescue boats from Maryport Inshore Rescue and Workington RNLI were called to Allonby Bay just after 10:20 this morning, to help the group who had gotten into difficulty.

Two men, two women and a baby were on board. The two women and child were then lifted to safety aboard the lifeboat.

RNLI Crews pumped water from the yacht before guiding it back to Maryport Marina.

Workington RNLI volunteers boarded the distressed yacht and began pumping out water. The yacht was towed safely to Maryport Marina, where Maryport Coastguard Rescue Team and Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team were in attendance. All persons on board the stricken vessel were safe and well.

RNLI Spokesperson