Abandoned puppies 'left for dead' making positive recovery

Ten puppies which were close to death after being abandoned on one of the busiest roads through the Scottish Borders are now recovering well.

Some of the dogs were discovered roaming loose near the A68 while others were locked in a derelict building.

All of the animals were found with extremely matted fur, emaciated and frightened. The dogs were in such a poor physical state that vets struggled to identify if they were male or female.

The dogs were severely matted and emaciated Credit: SSPCA

Eleven dogs were found by the Arthurshiel Rescue Centre, but sadly one of them was so poorly that vets had to put the animal down.

Four weeks on the puppies are settling into new life under the loving care of the Scottish SPCA.

The animal welfare charity is urging people to act responsibly when considering getting any pets.

Here are their top tips to consider when thinking of welcoming an animal into the home;

  • Make sure you do your homework and work out which breed would be best for you.

  • Find out as much as you can about the breed before you commit.

  • Understand how big a time and cost commitment pets can be.

  • It’s also very important you keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date to protect them from dangerous diseases, and regular treatment for fleas and worms.

  • Consider adopting or rehoming a dog rather than buying a puppy.

  • If rehoming isn’t an option, your puppy should be bright, active and friendly and should be purchased from a responsible breeder.

  • You should always be able to see the litter of puppies with their mother, illegal puppy farms are unlikely to do so.

  • Responsible breeders will have adequate paperwork about your potential puppy.

Your local Scottish SPCA animal rescue and rehoming centre will be able to give you lots of tips and advice about different breeds and how they would fit with your lifestyle.