Cumbria Police will target 'problem areas' to enforce new restrictions, says chief assistant constable

Cumbria's Assistant Chief Constable says the force will have to prioritise its work in the light of new coronavirus restrictions.

New rules in England include a 10pm curfew for pubs, a tightening of the rule of six and fresh advice for people to return to working from home. 1In order to enforce new restrictions, Andy Slattery says his officers will target 'problem areas'.

He told ITV Border: "There are a number of competing priorities within policing and we just need to make sure that we've got the right people doing the right things in the right places and the right time, and that is the essence of it.

"There are only a finite number of police officers we do have our demand to deal with so it is really important that we don't just try and blanket spread the police right across the county because that isn't the best use of resources, they will be targeted to where the problems are."

In a televised speech on Tuesday evening, the first of its kind since the first lockdown was announced in March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain will "get through this winter together" if new coronavirus restrictions are followed.

Foreign Secretary Raab said a second national lockdown could be needed to control the spread of coronavirus if the latest measures do not work.

"We can avoid having to go even further with further measures or indeed a national lockdown, which is the risk if we don't take action now," he told ITV News.