'No major problems' after first 10pm pub curfew

Credit: ITV News

No major problems were reported in Cumbria or the south of Scotland after the first weekend in which the 10pm curfew on hospitality venues was introduced.

All pubs, bars, restaurants and other venues in England and Scotland have been instructed to shut at 10pm as part of new coronavirus restrictions.

Cumbria's assistant chief constable says he hopes people aren't congregating in homes after the curfew.

Andrew Slattery, Assistant Chief Constable of Cumbria Police said "It may well be that people stayed in the licensed premises until ten and then went to people's houses, and that is a concern to us. We would ask people to consider socialising with no more than one other household. That's something we've asked the people in Barrow in Furness to do to reduce transmission rates, and something we'd ask everyone else in the county to at least consider, because the fewer people you socialise with, the fewer people you have close contact with, the less chance you have of contracting the virus and spreading it to your families. "

However some business leaders are already calling for governments on both sides of the border to reconsider it.  

Rob Reeley, owner of The Kings Arms in Melrose says he's worried the move will affect jobs; "Friday night, the first night was fine, Saturday night was a bit quieter we probably dropped about fifteen per cent on Saturday night. From my point of view I think a carpet ban across all venues is difficult. If you go to a nightclub then yes after ten o'clock its relevant but if you've only got half a dozen people sitting in a country pub, I don't see what benefit it gives. We've now really started to worry about jobs, across our businesses we've got about a hundred employees at this stage we think there's twenty per cent are at risk."  

At Circle Bar in Carlisle, co-managers Callum Sessford and Katharine Simmons told ITV Border that they would have to adapt or risk losing the business.

"Obviously it is difficult for everyone. But you have to adapt, we've got no choice but to adapt . If we don't adapt we'll lose the business. Everything will just go under."

It's not yet known for how long the curfew is set to be in place