FM: Lower Covid infection rates in D&G should not be treated with complacency

Credit: PA Images

The First Minister says lower Covid infection rates in Dumfries and Galloway compared to other parts of Scotland should not be treated with complacency.

In her daily coronavirus briefing Nicola Sturgeon used the area as an example to highlight how right across the country the numbers have soared compared to levels just last month.

She said: "Dumfries and Galloway, just to take it as an example, 4.1% positivity - with a small number of cases today. And that's just one day.

But, because we're looking at that right now compared to Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which is 16% positivity, the temptation is to say Dumfries & Galloway's not a problem.

"But if I cast our minds back a month - if I'd stood up here and said that any health board had a positivity rate of 4.1 per cent we'd all be saying 'oh my goodness, that is terrible we need to act'.

"So we shouldn't allow - all areas of Scotland are at a higher level of infection than we would be comfortable with."

It comes as the First Minister warned further restrictions could be put in place to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Sturgeon said the significant number of new Covid-19 cases was a cause for concern.

She said 1,522 cases were reported over the weekend alongside the 697 on Monday, which showed that the virus was on the rise again in Scotland.

Sturgeon said: “It is vital that we do everything we can to get this situation under control.”

The First Minister said she is hopeful the restriction on visiting other people’s houses will “help us stem the increase of the virus over the next period”.

However, she warned: “Given the numbers we are seeing – I have been very open about this over the past few days – it is possible that we will have to do more.

“There may well be a need for some further restrictions in the near future.”