Cruel reality of coronavirus as Workington remembers one of its own

With coronavirus cases once again on the rise in Cumbria and the South of Scotland, a group is reminding the public of the devastating impact the pandemic is having.

Workington Rotary Club lost one of their former Presidents to the deadly virus back in April.

The club is urging the public to sit up and take note of Covid restrictions, to avoid the needless loss of more lives.

John Head fundraising Credit: Workington Rotary Club

John Head died in April, after testing positive for Covid-19 while recovering from heart surgery. The 77-year-old was well know in the local area for his charitable efforts.

A great number of people haven't come across people who have had or have the virus or sadly died because of the virus. People who don't take this seriously, they're doing themselves and the local community a disservice.

Keith Beattie, John's friend and former President of Workington Rotary Club

Hospital admissions in West Cumbria because of Covid-19 remain lower than other parts of the County but health bosses in the region are concerned that the situation is changing rapidly. They're urging the government to act sooner rather than later, calling of the covid alert for part of Cumbria to be upgraded.