Appleby's Moot Hall added to 'at risk' register

A Cumbrian building that dates back to the 1500s has been added to Historic England's "at risk" register.

Surveys of the Moot Hall, in the centre of Appleby, have revealed that extensive work is needed to preserve the Grade Two listed structure and make it more resistant to extreme weather.

The Hall's two storey range of rubble stone construction is characteristic of Georgian architecture in Cumbria, with its sash windows and black and white stone detailing.

Credit: Historic England

A spokesperson rom Historic England said: "It is hoped this work will be the start of a project which will encourage more locals and tourists to visit the Moot Hall and appreciate its history.

"The development will ideally become a benchmark for the buildings of the town, allowing the Moot Hall to continue in its role at the centre of the life of Appleby, and preserving this loved building for future generations."