Coronavirus outbreak at Gatehouse of Fleet care home is a 'significant concern'

Health authorities in Dumfries and Galloway say an outbreak of coronavirus at a care home in Gatehouse of Fleet is a 'significant concern.'

It comes after the death of one resident at Fleet Valley residential and nursing home.

There are no details of the person who died, but in a statement from the company it is confirmed the resident passed away with Covid-19 being recorded as a secondary cause of death. 

ITV Border is told they were asymptomatic of the disease. It's not been revealed what the primary cause of death was.

In a statement, the care home said: "We are deeply saddened by this loss and extend our sympathy to the family members and friends who have lost their loved one.

"This is an extremely difficult time for those in our care, their families, friends and our staff.

"Their health, safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance and, as such, we are committed to doing everything we can to achieve this goal.

Credit: PA

"Throughout this pandemic, the home has been fully equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and has adopted and adhered to all government guidelines as and when these have been issued.

"We provide staff training in safe and effective infection prevention and control procedures, again all in line with government guidelines. At all times we are in close contact with all regulatory authorities."

A spokesperson for Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership said:“A significant concern at present is Fleet Valley Care Home, where there are a number of cases of COVID-19 amongst residents and staff.

"Regular testing takes place at all care homes within the region, but this highly transmissible virus can still pose a risk despite regular testing and the correct protocols being observed. 

“All visits and admissions to the home have been suspended in response to the outbreak. A number of additional robust infection prevention measures are in place to help stem transmission of the virus."

This is the now the seventh death at a residential care home in Dumfries and Galloway in recent days where Covid-19 has been recorded on the death certificate.

Six people have died at the Charnwood lodge care home in Dumfries as a result of  an outbreak of the virus there.