Primary school kids learn 'Greatest Showman' hit in sign language to beat Covid singing ban

Credit: Longtown Primary School

A Cumbrian primary school banned from singing together in class because of coronavirus restrictions have got round it - by learning a smash hit in sign language instead.

A video of Longown Primary School, near Carlisle, shows kids enthusiastically signing along to the Greatest Showman song 'This is Me'.

The Twitter post reads: "How amazing? Our pupils are celebrating a whole half term back in school with a rainbow day tomorrow, championing mental health and well-being."As we can’t sing or get together as school just yet we made this video using British Sign."

Children are not allowed to sing together as a whole class, under UK government guidelines, because of the way Covid-19 can be spread in the air.

Acting headteacher, Lauren Hitchen said: "At Longtown we are holding ‘Rainbow Day’ to celebrate a full half term back together. We wanted a day to recognise the impact this pandemic has had as it is very easy for it to be swept up in everyday school life.

"The children embraced the challenge to learn this song using British Sign language. It has taken them two weeks to learn the routine, many pupils learnt the entire song and all around the school it was evident they were enthusiastic and it was raising spirits.

"Everywhere we looked children were signing and practicing their routine whether that be lunch time, play time or lining up for dinner.

"Throughout lockdown we maintained communication with every member of our school reiterating. We are a family and even though there is a distance between us we are together as one.

"‘This is me’ has always been an anthem for Longtown celebrating diversity and recognises everyone is unique and everyone is an individual."