Video released in Cumbria to support victims of sexual assault

To raise awareness about rape and sexual offences, Cumbria Police have started a month-long campaign to support victims and educate the public about consent. 

The campaign includes a walk-through video showing victims how the Sexual Assault Referral Centre process works to help put them at ease.The launch is part of a month-long campaign to raise awareness of rape and serious sexual offences and the support services available to victims across the county.

Cumbria police have created this walk-through video to show what happens at their Bridgeway, Sexual Assault Referral Centre where victims would go after reporting a crime or by self-referral. The video, which is available on Cumbria police's website, introduces viewers to a real Crisis Worker and an Examiner and shows the actual rooms that would be used for someone attending.

Between January and October this year over 1000 incidents were reported to Cumbria Police.