Road safety charity reveals 'grossly excessive speeds' on Cumbrian highways

New figures out this week from the road safety charity Brake show one in five people admit to have driven

at more than a hundred miles an hour on a public road.

The 16th to the 22nd of November is road safety awareness week, an event founded by the charity Brake. 

As part of the campaign thousands of motorists in England wales and Northern Ireland have taken part in a survey.  The research found that nearly one in five motorists have driven at more than a hundred miles an hour, and one in three people have been in a car travelling at that speed

Data given to the charity by Cumbria police show the highest speed recorded last year in a thirty mile an hour zone was almost eighty miles an hour. In a seventy mile an hour area it was a hundred and twenty seven miles an hour.

Almost five years ago Cumbria Traffic Officer Adam Gibb was killed  while working on the M6 at Tebay,  A speeding driver lost control on his car killing the father of one and leaving a second officer permanently paralysed. Adam Gibb's widow, Jules Labbett is urging drivers to slow down.

Ms Labbett told ITV Border, "It's had huge impact on the family, even now its nearly five years since Adam was killed and even now it impacts on us. One of the things that's really affected me, my son is now driving and I constantly worry as a mum that something's going to happen to him. I don't think it ever leaves you.

"The consequences aren't just the accident, the consequences are just forever. I would hate to have to live with that myself and I don't know how people who do do it can live with themselves. So I'd just say it's just not worth doing."