Reporting coronavirus at ITV News Border

2020 has been a year of unprecedented loss, upheaval and suffering: when the Coronavirus Pandemic swept around the world and threw the country into lockdown. 

But it has also been a year when we have seen the very best in people, when communities have come together, and where the courage and sacrifice of frontline workers have inspired us all.  As journalists the news teams at ITV have been on air throughout, bearing witness to all these events on an international, national and local level – bringing information about the pandemic into people’s homes, helping them understand lifesaving public health messages and when needed, holding power to account. 

But most of all ITV has been telling extraordinary stories: of sorrow, of courage, of recovery; as people have shared the events, big and small, that have changed how we live and have defined this remarkable year. 

In a special film, we look back at some of the remarkable stories covered nationally and locally. At ITV News Border, coverage of coronavirus has featured in all of our news programmes and digital platforms for ten months and it has completely changed the way we make and news gather.

As part of the film, our political editor Peter MacMahon speaks of the challenges of reporting on coronavirus across two nations with differing coronavirus restrictions. And Head of News Michaela Byrne reflect on the uplifting stories from across the region.

On Wednesday night, ITV News presenter Charlene White will look back at the year through stories of those who made the headlines and the reporters who brought them to our screens.

  • Watch the full Reporting Coronavirus here.