Dramatic rescue for Stag after antlers entangled in barbed wire

  • Video report by Hannah McNulty.

A red stag has been rescued after its antlers became entangled in barbed wire in north Cumbria.

The animal, thought to be between six and seven years old, was trapped by the metal fencing and, in a distressed state, had fallen into the River Lyne, near Longtown.

It took three RSPCA officers, a vet and a farmer to save the life of the deer, which was estimated to weigh around 150kg. The animal was safely released shortly after.

  • Footage shows the animal tangled in the wire.

RSPCA officers Martyn Fletcher said: “We monitored him from nearby and once he’d regained consciousness he got back onto his feet and, despite being a little wobbly to start with, then started to wander off into the darkness. 

“Once we’d removed all of the detritus we could see he had 12 points on his antlers, indicating his age at around six or seven. 

“Local people say red deer are rare in the area and that this stag had been spotted over recent weeks with some rope or fencing tangled in his antlers. 

“It was a tough rescue in the darkness and in cold, wet, muddy conditions. But to see such a beautiful, powerful animal in the prime of his life finally free and released back into the wild was extremely rewarding.”