Otter-ly delightful: The woman capturing nature on her daily walks

  • Video report by Lewis Warner

Caroline Thom from Dumfries is a lorry driver by trade - but says her amateur photography is lifting her spirits in lockdown. 

In the last few months a family of otters have become her favourite subjects to feature.

She told ITV Border: "I just find it's quite therapeutic that I can spend some time walking up and down the side of the river and finding wildlife seems to enhance my mood.

"It makes me feel better for the day. In my normal job I'm driving so I'm sitting a lot of the day when I get the days off this compensates for the days when I'm sitting and not being able to walk so much."

Credit: ITV News

As nature takes its course, Caroline is there with her camera. The moments she treasures most are the with a family of otters that call the River Nith home. 

She said: "There's been Otter families on the river for years but  just in the last few months we've seen this family quite regularly.

"Initially there was the mother and two youngsters and recently they've separated. The other youngster has been working away on its own." 

Caroline shares her pictures and videos online. "My motto is if it's got feathers of fur I'd like to photograph it," she said. "My group of friends are always enthusiastic and appreciative of what I'm showing them. Some of them aren't able to come out and see these things for themselves."