Estimated 20 square kilometers burnt in West Cumbria wildfire

Credit: Derek Tunstall

Firefighters estimate around 20 square kilometers of land has been burnt in a wildfire in West Cumbria. 

Crews spent almost 30 hours tackling the fire at Cogra Moss near Lamplugh. It's understood they are now withdrawing from the scene.

People had been urged to stay away from the area and to keep doors and windows closed. 

Witness Steve Wharton said: "The fires I could see were on the southeast of Banna Fell and the track below Herdus, which goes to Floutern Tarn and Buttermere.

"The wind is quite strong. The air and ground are very dry as we've had no snow or rain due to the extreme cold weather. Not even getting frost on the cars overnight despite below freezing overnight."

Cumbria Fire & rescue said: "Firefighters and five fire appliances are currently tackling a wildfire at Cogra Moss near Lamplugh. Local residents are advised to shut windows and doors due to the large amount of smoke from the fire."