Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow reflects on foot and mouth crisis 20 years on

This week marks 20 years since the foot and mouth epidemic, which was devastating for our region.

More than six million animals were slaughtered, the countryside was virtually closed for months and tourism businesses lost millions of pounds.

Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow reported on the crisis back in 2001. It had such an impression on him at the time that he said Cumbria was "seared upon his soul."

Speaking to ITV Border, he said nothing in 25 years of reporting domestic news had prepared him for the scale of human trauma he experienced that year. He has spoken with Ian Payne about his memories of that time. 

I'd been in wars, I'd seen fatal accidents as a reporter. But the scale of killing, and the only way anybody could deal with it was to kill and set fire to all these herds. The extraordinary thing is to be talking about this in a time of pandemic because suddenly we are amid that kind of carnage.

Jon Snow, Channel 4 presenter.