First Minister could close Scotland-England border amid new travel rules

Nicola Sturgeon has said she may have to close the border if she can't reach an agreement with the UK government on quarantine rules for travellers from abroad.

Rules are currently stricter north of the border than south. The First Minister says she wants the UK government to keep people who fly into England in quarantine if they're intending to travel on to Scotland.

Today Representing Border's Peter MacMahon asked if she stood by her previous statements that she would close the Anglo-Scottish Border if she had to.

Credit: PA

In response, the First Minster said: "I don't rule it out. I would like to have the most effective system in place here, so I'm not sure it is the best solution.

"If it is the only one I can put into place then it may come to that. But why let someone travel half way across the UK before you do that.

"So, it would be better if we had that four nations approach, or certainly a three nations approach, where the border of the island that Scotland, England and Wales share had the same provisions in place.

"If you listen to any serious public health expert right now they say, not just for Scotland but for the whole of the UK, this is one of the biggest risks we face.

"So, why leave these loopholes and why be in a position to put in place second best solutions if we can continue to talk to each other and try and come up with the best solution."