Carlisle mental health charity given £15,000 to help with an increase in demand

A Cumbrian charity that helps people with their mental health is going to receive £15,000 from Carlisle City Council.

Councillor Lisa Brown proposed the idea, which will support Carlisle Eden Mind.

Councillor Brown, who was involved in setting up a community help group, had her own struggles last year after feeling overwhelmed.

Because of the lockdown, because of everything I've been doing, not taking care of myself and burning the candles at both ends with the community group and trying to get food parcels out, it just literally got on top of us and I crashed basically, couldn't get out of bed, I needed to get myself to hospital because I knew I needed some sort of help."

Councillor Lisa Brown, Carlisle City Council

The charity is experiencing a rising demand from people and hopes this funding will help it meet that challenge in the coming months. 

It's a fantastic boost for us, particularly at the present time with all the difficulties surrounding the work that we do and funding and various other issues so we're very very pleased to be in receipt of this award because it's going to help us with our Lighthouse Service, our crisis service, to develop and hopefully extend that service over the coming year.

Michael Boaden, Carlisle Eden Mind