Travelling community say they'll fight against proposals to ban horse drawn vehicles in Appleby in June

The travelling community are slamming plans to ban horse drawn vehicles in Appleby for the month of June.

Cumbria County Council are proposing from 30 April to 30 June, Cars, horse drawn vehicles and horses will be banned (except for access) on the U3337 Castle Bank, from Jubilee Ford to its junction with the B6260; and between 30 April and 30 June, and no horses or horse drawn vehicles on the B6260 Bridge Street and the B6542 The Sands.

This is when the Appleby Horse Fair traditionally takes place - it's not known yet whether it will go ahead. However it's usually held at the start of June - which is before the date given by the Prime Minister for lifting all lockdown restrictions.

Billy Welch, leader of the community said: "It's complete and utter nonsense. We weren't informed they were trying to do this and as far as I'm aware neither were the police.

"I've been inundated with messages from Appleby residents who are also furious. The fair brings so much to the town and their businesses as well as being a long standing tradition in our community. It's not just a Gypsy and Traveller fair it is for everybody.

"I can tell you now we won't stand for this, it won't happen and we'll come anyway. Last year we were very respectful of the coronavirus situation and did as we were asked and stayed away.

"We will be back this year. We need it and the town needs it. The whole thing is ridiculous, utter nonsense."Mr Welch will speak to the police and council in an online meeting to discuss this years fair. He says the consultation by the council with be at the top of his agenda.

Currently these changes are up for consultation by the Council - and say that if you wish to make representations upon the proposed Order you should write to the undersigned or email, by 28 February 2021, marking your correspondence with reference KB/4.4.1041/15.0015 55.