North Cumbria hospital bosses: 'Last year most challenging we've faced'

Hospital bosses in North Cumbria say that the past 12 months have been the most challenging they have ever faced.

At the peak of the Covid crisis in January, 300 people were being treated at the Cumberland Infirmary and the West Cumberland Hospital.

At times, staff admit it has felt "overwhelming", but all their efforts have been praised by patients whose lives have been saved.

During the pandemic midwives helped to deliver 2,500 babies including these twins.

Both Sarah's twins were born with Covid after she developed the virus.

Both born with Covid, because their mum Sarah Curtis had also developed the disease, they had to be put into isolation as soon as they were born.

Credit: Both were put into isolation straight after they were born.

The situation has greatly improved, with figures showing there are currently less than 50 Covid patients in North Cumbria's hospitals.