World Down Syndrome Day: Cumbrian mum provides support packs to help new families

  • Video report by Tim Backshall.

A Cumbrian mother is providing support packs for families, like hers, whose babies are born with Down Syndrome.

They're filled with things like toys, literature and advice designed to provide reassurance and support.

Cristina Bowman, who lives near Penrith, is the founder of Diff-ability after her experiences with her four-year-old son Max.

She wants to show other families that they're not alone and feelings they are experiencing are a normal part of the journey they are undertaking.

New Down Syndrome support packs launch for families. Credit: ITV News

The welcome packs are mini suitcases filled with useful books, emotion cards, stories and advice.

Cristina said: “I decided to create these packs because of my son Max’s Trisomy 21 diagnosis came as a shock to me, I knew little about the condition, much of what I thought I knew about Down’s syndrome was misinformation and based on outdated stereotypes.

"The midwives were wonderful, my family supported me, but still I felt scared and alone. There was no signposting, I was afraid to google and rightly so.

"A year later, after speaking to other mums who said they too had the same feelings, the idea of a welcome pack was born.”

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