Jean Hanlon: Greek authorities reinvestigate death of Dumfries woman

Credit: Justice for Jean

An investigation into the death of a Dumfries woman in Greece more than a decade ago has been reopened.

The body of Jean Hanlon was discovered in Heraklion harbour on 13th March 2009, after going missing four days earlier.

The original post-mortem concluded the 53-year-old had drowned, but information later emerged that she had injuries consistent with a struggle.

It is the third time, in the 12 years since the death of Jean, that Greek authorities have reopened the case.

Commenting on the news, her son, Michael Porter, said: "After a year of exploring and pursuing a new direction, it is with great joy and happiness to say that it has paid off and delivered the outcome we wanted.

"This puts the case in a better place as mum at last will get the proper full investigation, with a new more professional and experienced department that she so rightly deserves.

"We have been here before but this time really is a big breakthrough and potentially groundbreaking."

Jean's family have campaigned for a number of years for her death to be reinvestigated by Greek authorities.

They travelled to the town where she died in 2019, ten years after her death, to make a fresh public appeal in hope of uncovering new information about the death of his mother.