Landlord apologises after 'dangerous' water damage in Mum's kitchen is 'left for days'

  • Video report by Matt Taylor

A housing association has apologised to one of its Cumbrian tenants, who says she's been 'living a nightmare' with water pouring into her kitchen from a leaking bathroom. 

Mother-of-two Rachel Blacklock, from Cumbria, says she has had sleepless nights and stress ever since she moved into her Workington home.

She claims she repeatedly called landlord Castles and Coasts, which runs 7,000 properties across the north of England, to fix it.

Rachel told ITV Border: "Of course it's stressful. You just want a nice house. It's just on-going, it's just daily, cleaning and the damp's starting to come through. It's just awful, bits from the ceiling and it's dangerous as well. Coming through the plug sockets."

  • Footage of the water pouring from the ceiling into Rachel's kitchen.

Rachel moved into her house in the Northside area of Workington eight months ago.

She says she reported the problem, but the housing association which owns her house were slow to act and any repairs they did carry out have not been adequate.

She said: "It's not nice. You've got to keep pestering on and on and on. You shouldn't be living like this."

Her local councillor, Daniel Horsley, has become involved, which resulted in workmen arriving at the house on Monday (29th March) to fix the problem again.

Councillor Daniel Horsley. Credit: ITV News

Speaking to ITV Border, he said: "I just can't believe what's going on, water pouring through the ceiling and having two toddlers in the house as well and hearing that they are not coming out.

"They are supposed to be out in 24 hours - not six or seven days later when I put pressure on to act on it."

While we were filming, Councillor Daniel got a call from the housing association in which they reassured him that the problem has now been resolved.

We are really sorry about the issues that Rachel and her family have experienced. This should not have happened. Following previous reports, we believed that the issue had been resolved. We will return to her home at a convenient time to re-decorate and replace damaged flooring.

Castles and Coasts