Artist creates gardens to promote mindfulness in Dumfries

Kirsty Turpi and Peter Smith at work in Dumfries. Credit: ITV Border

An artist from Dumfries has created six Japanese-inspired rock gardens which have been scattered around the town.Peter Smith hopes the gardens will encourage the public to take a moment to focus on mindfulness, while out for a walk.

The project sees garden designers rake new pattens into the stones every day - which they say symbolises the town reinventing itself after the pandemic.

Project creator Peter Smith said:

I think the gardens can provide a peaceful sense as people approach them they can kind of reflect over the past year of the pandemic, things that we've lost but also some of the things that have really been of benefit, some of the community that pulled together and that sense of healing that we can create, the project is about healing in Dumfries.

Peter Smith

The gardens form part of a wider art project called 'Atlas Pandemica' which is crated by the independent community organistion The Stove Network.Its aim to use art to help learn from the experiences of the pandemic.Garden designer Kirsty Turpi said:

To begin with I didn't know what it was going to be like but I've found it's really nice having a purpose, to come and do something every day because I've been working from home I've not had a reason to go out. It's been quite creative and enjoyable.

Kirsty Turpi