An 80-year-old from Eyemouth has been cleaning up his home town

An 80-year-old from Eyemouth in the Borders has been keeping busy in lockdown by cleaning the benches and memorials around his home town. After he retired William grant joined the town's Community Council and became a lollipop man but said he got bored during lockdown and wanted to give something back.

The ex-fisherman wakes up at 6:30am to clean the benches and memorials where he lives.

William grant Credit: ITV Border News

"No one else was doing it and I just thought it needed tidied up and it looks nice again. It should be looked after because if it weren’t for those men we wouldn’t be here today. No one seems to bother with that kind of thing, they just keep littering it up. Keeping things neat and tidy is a big help." - William Grant, volunteer