50 rule-breaking campers moved from Mennock Pass beauty spot by Dumfries police

Dumfries police move campers from Mennock Pass beauty spot Credit: Dumfries police

Police in Dumfries moved 50 rule-breakers who tried to camp at a popular beauty spot despite Covid restrictions.

Officers say a large number of people had travelled from outside the region and had intended on camping in the Mennoch Pass over the weekend.

Campers were reminded or the rules before leaving the site.

The 'stay at home' order came to an end on Friday in Scotland as lockdown rules are gradually relaxed. However, 'stay local' rules will remain in place until April 26.

Dumfries and Galloway Police wrote on Facebook: "Whilst out on patrol yesterday in the Mennoch Pass our officers found a large number of people who had travelled from out with our region to Dumfries and Galloway.Approximately 50 people who had intended camping for the weekend were reminded of the current guidelines prior to them leaving the area.Our officers will continue to visit local beauty spots to encourage people to stay safe."