Prince Philip: Gerald Maitland-Carew remembers the Duke’s time at Thirlestane Castle

  • Video report by Jennifer Cordingley.

For twenty years the Duke of Edinburgh stayed at Thirlestane Castle in Lauder, every August for three days.

From 1999 to 2019, until the pandemic put a stop to travel the Duke of Edinburgh stopped in Lauder on his way to Balmoral. He was due to stay at the castle once again this year before his death.

During his visits to the Castle, home of the Maitland-Carew family, the Duke was able to travel around the Borders, even going to the local Common Riding Festival.

Gerald Maitland-Carew said Prince Philip loved the history and traditions of the event as well as celebrating with a drink.

Thirlestone Castle Credit: Thirlestone Castle

Gerald told ITV Border: "He adored it, it’s a great tradition the Common Riding in the Borders. He certainly lifted a glass and had a taste of the dram."

His relationship with the Duke didn’t stop there, one year he was presented with a gift of an oil painting, done by Prince Philip himself.

The friendship would see Gerald and his wife invited to Windsor Castle many times.

 Speaking about his memories of the Duke, Captain Maitland Carew said: "He was terribly modest, it’s a great sadness, but we have great memories of his kindness, of his humour, but he definitely called a spade a spade if you told him something doubtful he’d tell you."