Puppy rescued after falling 300ft down a waterfall near Moffat

A puppy called Louis was rescued after falling 300ft down a waterfall in Dumfries and Galloway.

The fifteen-month-old springer spaniel slipped his lead and fell in the Grey Mares Tail waterfall, near Moffat, on the afternoon of the 14th April.

Two teams from Moffat Mountain Rescue were dispatched on either side of the waterfall to find the pup. He could be heard whining but he was 'very difficult to locate'.

After a 45 minute search mission, Louis was spotted by the team on a small ledge. A member of the team was lowered down to the 'very frightened' spaniel.

A spokesperson from the rescue team said: "It took some time to calm Louis down and coax him into a rucksack while the team above changed the lower into the technical raise with a pulley system to bring the team member and Louis back up to safety."

Louis was uninjured and was able to walk off the hill to be reunited with his owners.