Hawick yachtsman Sir Chay Blyth remembers the Duke of Edinburgh

  • Video report by Jennifer Cordingley

Ahead of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh tomorrow, Hawick yachtsman Sir Chay Blyth has been sharing his memories of his time with Prince Philip.

In 1971, Sir Chay completed a 10 month journey making him the first person to sail single-handed "the wrong way" (east to west) around the world.

There to welcome his arrival home was a crowd of more than 6000 people, brass bands, and Prince Philip.

He was the very first person to greet me when I stepped ashore. It was a real red letter day for me, meeting the Duke of Edinburgh, then Prince Charles, then Princess Anne. When we walked up towards the reception, the hamble where I arrived was packed. There was crowds all standing there, people standing in the water, and the Duke said to me 'jump on that wall and wave to the crowd' so I jumped on this small wall and I waved to the crowd and there was this huge cheer, it was fantastic.

Sir Chay Blyth

A keen yachtsman himself, Prince Philip sailed at the Royal Southern Yacht Club where he was a patron, as well as competing regularly at Cowes. Sir Chay says, "He would mix with everyone, walk up and down the street, very approachable, he used to do a lot of yacht racing, dragon fleet and won a few times."

The Duke was a great man, very much a man's man and it was a great shock, vey sorry to see him go, he will be a great miss.

Sir Chay Blyth