Mountain rescue teams warn people not to head for the hills unprepared

Mountain rescue teams in southern Scotland have issued a safety warning following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

With more people expected to head into the hills now travel rules have relaxed, there are fears some could be unprepared.

James Coles from the Moffat Mountain Rescue Team told ITV Border, "Once lockdown started to ease last year we had quite a few jobs on the trot and I think one day we had three jobs one after the other. One Sunday we spent the entire day traipsing from one mountain rescue in the region to another one, and that puts a strain on us as volunteers.

"If people could just make a bit of preparation, look at the weather forecast, make sure they have the right footwear on. A map and compass and to know how to use them is useful as well. And carrying clothing that they can put on if it suddenly becomes very cold or very wet."