Knife surrender to remove blades from Cumbria's streets - how and where to hand them in

Previous knife surrender held in the county. Credit: Cumbria Police

Unwanted knives including illegal blades can be handed in at police stations across Cumbria this week.

It's part of an operation aimed at tackling knife crime by removing potential weapons from the street.

The surrender runs until Sunday 2nd May and means people can hand over items anonymously and without being prosecuted.

Knives can be handed in at the following police stations in Cumbria:

  • Durranhill Station, Carlisle 

  • Hunter Lane Station, Penrith 

  • Workington

  • Whitehaven

  • Barrow

  • KendaL

Chief Inspector Ben Swinson said: “We will not be complacent on this issue although our number are low knife crime is a serious offence and every knife that is handed in to us is one less knife that can be used to hurt somebody – or worse take their life.

“I would encourage anyone who has a knife that they want to safely dispose of to take this opportunity to do so.”

Cumbria Police ask anyone surrendering knives to wrap up or box them, so that they remain safe while being carried. If in doubt, contact 101 for further advice.